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 Bwindi is one of the national parks in Uganda, with mountain gorillas, its divided into four sectors including Buhoma, Rushaga, Ruhija and Nkuringo all these sectors have habituated Gorilla families ,and one of the family in Buhoma was blessed with two bouncing babies all born in one week in June.

The babies were both conceived in one week interval, the grate news was announced by the rangers and guides which brought excitement and joy to the wildlife team.

The critically endangered species are rare and uncommon for them to be born in the same week as it was reported by Mr. Andrew Seguya.

Karungi the month of the first baby produced on the 23rd of June while Kisho produced on the 28th of June five days after Karungi.

Both females belong to Mubare group and their babies were added to the group making it a family of 14 individuals plus their father who is the leader the silverback called “Kanyonyi”, who took over power in 2012 after his fathers death and since then the family keeps increasing in number.

Bwindi and Mgahinga national park, the second park protecting mountain Gorillas in Uganda have been recorded with 10 new births of gorillas in the year of 2017 with one death occurrence this increased to the number of the wild apes.

This is as a result of good conservation measures protecting the Gorillas and providing the safety of their babies.

Uganda contributes a total number of 400 mountain Gorillas to the world population with the rest of 880 in total inhabiting the Virungas which is shared by Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republican of Congo. For the total census of 2014, Uganda tourism sector.

Note: Bwindi is a separate national park from the Virungas, its only Mgahinga national park which shares the Virungas.

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