Bwindi is one of the national parks in Uganda, with mountain gorillas, its divided into four sectors including Buhoma, Rushaga, Ruhija and Nkuringo all these sectors have habituated Gorilla families ,and one of the family in Buhoma was blessed with two bouncing babies all born in one week in June. The babies were both conceived in one week interval, the grate news was announced by the rangers and guides which brought Readmore..        0 Comments    2017-07-01

 Rhinos are among the big five in the class of mammals, attracting a number of Tourists in Uganda in spite of the fact that the Rhinos are endangered species and few are living. It was with great news at8:30am of July 26th 2017, when the Ziwa sanctuary received the news of a male baby Rhino from Nandi the oldest Rhino at the sanctuary.  Nandi has withdrawn into the thick bush to ensure the safety of her newborn a Readmore..        0 Comments    2017-07-26

 Zakayo the oldest popular chimpanzee in Uganda passed away on the 26th of April 2018,Zakayo lived at the Uganda Wildlife  Conservation Education in Entebbe for the past 42 years until he passed on, he was very known captive chimpanzee in the country.   A research shows that Zakayo succumbed to chronic gastroenteritis (stomach flu) this was caused due to old age, Zakayo was a type who was highly suscepti Readmore..        0 Comments    2018-04-26

 Kindly be advised that bungee jumping Tower has been closed and Relocated the Adrift river base   , which will remain closed due to a landslide that occurred underneath the building structure caused by heavy rainfall. Jinja Municipal council where the base is located in Jinja district recently declared the area unsafe and requested operators and managers of Bungee Jumping to vacate due to safety concerns with o Readmore..        0 Comments    2018-05-31

  The mountain Gorillas population has increased to a total number of 1000 members   living in the Virunga, the new survey shows Africa’s critically endangered mountain Gorillas which exceeds 1,000 after the conservation efforts, these making them the only great apes with 98% DNA close to humans and the only great ape in the world considered to be growing in number. In 2010 Mountain Gorillas &nb Readmore..        0 Comments    2018-05-31

 Another male Rhino is born in Ziwa Rhino sanctuary, according to an update from Rhino fund Uganda, on the 19th of June early morning a wonderful baby Rhino was born, a bouncing baby boy came into the world increasing the number of Rhinos to 23. The first time mum is Uhuru in the sanctuary . Readmore..        0 Comments    2018-06-19



 Tourists always have very many questions about the Batwa people. The Batwa people where the first people who lived in the forests. The Batwa people are known as the pygmies, they are most vulnerable, voiceless and endangered group of people around forest Reserves in Kisoro and Kabale District of southwestern part of Uganda.  The forests are located in the Albertine Rift regions which are recognized as an important Readmore..        0 Comments    2018-11-26

 Wildlife viewing in Uganda gives you an opportunity to enjoy the attention and input of one or more guide whose job is to make sure that one is safe; it’s fun and enlightening experience. The Safari one enjoys the attention and input of one or more guides whose job is to make sure that one is safe, fun and enlightened experience. However one has capable hands   before setting off, this more of your adven Readmore..        0 Comments    2018-11-26