Semuliki national park, is located in the western side of Rwenzori Mountain, it extends to Ituri forest of the Congo Basin, one of the Africa’s most ancient basin and biodiversity forest which has survived the ice age in the 18,000years ago.

The park lies within the Albertan rift with a landform ranging from 670 to 760m above sea level. The park experiences an average of 1,250mm with peaks in rainfall from march to May and September to December. Semuliki is found in Bwamba County a remote area of Bundibugyo districts.

It was established in October 1993 and its one of the newest national park covering 194km2 of East Africa of lowland tropical rainforest .The Park is one of the richest areas of faun and floral diversity in Africa with a number of bird species being diverse.

 There grass thatched huts shaded by west oil palm as well the park’s river is a version of Congo river, African wildlife, pygmy community, Ituri forest, bird life, birding at Sempaya birds such as crested Hornbill, piping hornbill, yellow throated nicator, red-billed Dwarf hornbill, Ross’s Turace, the shoe billed stork which is more favorite for tourists can be seen near lake Albert and the forest walk gives you an opportunity to trek bird waters.

The park has two hot spring and the best area in Uganda where one can visit the hot springs, one of the hot springs looks like a geyser by forming a 0.5 high fountain. The hot springs are located in an area that attracts a number of bird species and there are a source of salt to the wildlife.

The park has a number of activities carried out and these include

Batwa people.

The pygmies’ people live at the side of the Semuliki River, near the Democratic Republican of Congo, they also related to the Basu people of Congo rather than the Batwa people living in Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga Gorilla Park.

The Bambuti pygmies’ people are mostly referred to as the Bantu although there are not of that culture and are way different from each other. Both cultures lived in the forest a thousand years go and there are referred to us the first people of the forest.

The Bambuti pygmies have a much smaller body than the Batwa people. Although both people were and are still hunter and food gatherers

Sempaya hot springs

One of the memorable things you shouldn’t miss at the Semuliki national park are the hot springs the female called “Nyasimbi” and the Male called “Bitende ,the female is about 2 meters into the air while the male is about 12meters high in diameter.

 The water at the hot springs can be used to boil eggs because of its high heat and other foods can also be boiled there.  

The hot springs have a high temperature and one is not recommended to be near the waters the temperature is about 100 degrees Celsius. The guided walk to the hot springs offers an opportunity to spot a number of birds and wild primates.



Nature walk.

There many guided walks at the park, depending on what you’re preferred to see such as crocodiles, hippos, birds, monkeys. The hike can take about 4hours or the whole day. Depending on the trail you will take, you have an opportunity to encounter a number of bird species, primates as well as forest elephants along the Semuliki River you can spot the Nile crocodiles and hippos.


The bird lovers at Semuliki valley have a chance to spot over 440 species of birds. the birds include the Nkulengu rail, piping hornbill, yellow-throated cuckoo, red billed Dwarf hornbill, white-crested hornbill, yellow-throated nictor ,swamp palm Bulbul, Maxwell black weaver, lemon bellied crembec, blue-billed malimbe ,orange-cheeked waxbill and many more. Have an experience in the wild of bird species.

Game drives.

The park is where one can spot a number of animals such as the pygmy Antelopes, flying squirrels fanged deer. The park is also a home to the Buffaloes, elephants. There also lions and leopards. You can take a day at semuliki enjoying a game drive in the wild. We can organs your tour and include your option activity on your itinerary.

Accommodations at Semuliki.

The park has different accommodations/lodges all ranging in budget, midrange and luxury. The accommodations include Kirimia guest house, Ntoroko game lodge and many more.

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