1 Day Ngamba Island chimpanzee trekking tour spots you to chimpanzees inhabited at the Ngamba Island Sanctuary which started in 1998. The Island located on Lake Victoria the second largest lake in the World and fresh water lake in Uganda. The sanctuary was fund in order to keep and care for the orphaned chimpanzees which were rescued from poachers or wild encroachers.

 1 Day Ngamba Island chimpanzee trekking tour on Lake Victoria with chimpanzee feeding | Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary
Cost - $138 pp
Price per person for different number of people
  • 2 people each pays $160 pp
  • 3 people each pays $ 145 pp
  • 4 people each pays $140 pp
  • 5 people each pays $138 pp

Ngamba Island chimpanzee sanctuary is a home to over 49 chimpanzees with over 20 males, 29 female chimpanzees. The return to their natural habitat is not possible; this gives an opportunity to educate tourists and the local communities about the importance of chimpanzee trekking and conservation of wildlife. The Island is located on a 100 acres, with 98 of which is a forest separated from visitors and where the chimpanzees roam throughout the day

Ngamba Island starts from a pick up place or desired place, this happens at a exactly 7:00 am for the morning game drive for those who are to encounter in the afternoon they set off at 11:00 am session. The driver / guide will give you a short briefing about the sanctuary, there after drive to Lake Victoria. You will board a boat which will take approximately 45 minutes on water.

You will ride on a boat on the famous Lake Victoria for those who have never this will be your opportunity, see the fisher men on water, a number of bird species such as Cormorant, cattle egrets and many more.

Arrival at Ngamba Island sanctuary

Upon arrival you will see the great views of the island, spot the monitor lizard on water, the black headed weavers, and spur winged lapwings, African open billed storks, Egyptian goose and many more species. You will be welcomed at the visitors center, enjoy a cup of coffee at 11 am, there after be guided by the caregiver who will take you to the chimpanzee to see them at a close distance.

Critically observe chimpanzees at Ngamba Island sanctuary, see them as they eat, play, groom and feed each other. You will as well spot a number of plant species.

The guide will take you through different centers at the island, chimpanzee food store, clinic,chimpanzee food, health chimpanzee food, the guide will show you the food store where they store fruits, pineapples, oranges, watermelons, passion fruits, Jack fruits, carrots, cassava, cabbages that cannot be got from the forest by the Chimpanzees and can be purchased by the caregivers at the chimpanzee sanctuary.

For the morning activities you will return to the land at 2:00 am and for the afternoon activities you start at 11 am return to the main land at 6 pm.

On the island you will spot out different plant species, birds, water bodies and mammals.

Travelling back on land

Have a stopover at the equator enjoy an experience as the boat is pushed to the north and South Pole although it will tend to keep in one position. If interested in swimming you will be given an opportunity to swim for a few minutes at this point. Our guide will be ready to drive you back to your hotel either in Kampala or Entebbe depending on your accommodation location.

Trip highlights
  • Chimpanzee trekking
  • Chimpanzee feeding
  • Bird watching
  • Sun bathing
  • Island shopping option
  • Equator stopover.
Tour includes
  • Meals
  • Guide
  • Bottled water
  • Chimpanzee permit
  • Fuel and car


  • Tips
  • Personal up keep
  • Shopping
  • Alcoholic drinks

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