Gisenyi is a city of Rwanda in Rubavu district western province. Gisenyi is found in Goma, the city a cross the border in the Democratic Republican of Congo. Gisenyi is a small town which started growing in 2011.Gisenyi is found at the shores of Lake Kivu with many hotels and three sandy beaches. Gisenyi is found in an area with football pitches for water sports.

The northern shore of the lake where Gisenyi and Goma lie is flat and features the lava eruptions of the near by Nyiragongo mountain.

Gesinyi escaped the lava flow in 1977 and 2002 eruptions, it exploded and destroyed 15 and 40% of the former.

 Gisenyi lies in the foothills at the northeast corner of the lake and low density expansion with the hills which are safe from future eruptions.

The Bralirwa  are found here at Gesinyi and their the only brewery in Rwanda, who manufacture various beers such as Amstel, Guinness, primus and Mutzig as well as a range of Coca-Cola as one of the soft drinks they produce.

 Gisenyi has two borders one is Grand Barriere and the other is Petite Barriere, although petite Barriere is larger with much traffic volumes. In 2011 a lot of people about 6,000 could cross the border daily. Gisenyi was the base of the provisional government during the Rwandan Genocide. And this same city is where Laurent Nkunda was accused by the United Nations for leading the army that illegally recruited the Congolese child soldiers.

Gisenyi has a number of attractions

A walk to the Avenue cooperation.

On this walk you will pass via the Serena Kivu down the waterfront to the border with Congo, Goma the Avenue of cooperation, go through the long trees, wonderful palms as you slope down to the beach there after to the border of Congo.

View the Rwanda and Congo border foot traffic trading center you will be accompanied by a local guide who is full informed about the financial and commercial growth of the two countries.


The walk is about 6km but you can as well take a taxi to 3,000 frw. The Road is compared to California highway 1.Nyamyumba has the best grilled tilapia in Rwanda.

The travelers always have a stopover at Maman Chakua’s before Hotel Paradise. With buckets they pick fresh fish just from water and grill them, you’re then served on a great table as you watch fishermen. For those who prefer to be served at the hotel you can check in in at hotel paradise and be served the fresh fish.

Visit the Video club.

Move to down town of Gisenyi and listen to the traditional/modern music of Rwanda and East Africa ,you can as well have your CD burned according to the test of your music, buy some traditional fabric in Gisenyi market ,buy some table cloths ,wall hangings, table cloths ,throws and many more. For female travelers have a cheap manicure, pedicure at Vogue saloon across the streets .have your hair braided.

Visit Kiaka;

The town is about 15 minutes outside Gisenyi on Ruhengri road, buy some art pieces made in the historical art.

While in Gisenyi at night you can have a wonderful view of the Nyiragongo volcano from the center of the town view the red smoke as it frames with fire.

Visit and relax at the beach of Serena Kivu hotel.

Relax as you order delicious meal of Ugandan, Rwandan and western traditional dishes eat the salads fresh from the garden and enjoy your precious this fresh water lake in central Africa and East Africa.

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