Rwanda is a land locked East African country with a green environment, mountainous landscape. Rwanda is known for the mountain Gorillas and Golden monkeys in the Volcanoes National park.

The Park of volcanoes National Park encompasses mountain Karisimbi and 4 other forested volcanoes.

A attractions are places of interest where tourist visit  for culture values, adventure  encounter, wildlife, natural and built beauty ,leisure, amusement, historical site  during their leisure time ,study purpose or off work. The trip Rwanda will inspire with various attractions for travelers

Rwanda has a number of attractions such as National parks, beaches, lakes, islands, camping in the National parks, mountains, forests, culture attractions.

Rwanda has three renowned national parks including volcanoes national park, Nyungwe national park, And Akagera National park.

Rwanda has a number of mountains including mount Muhabura, Mount Karisimbi, Mount Bisoke, Mount Gahinga, and Mount Huye.

 Culture sites include Iby’iwacu culture village, Ndabe Rock, Rwanda genocide memorials, Culture Museums in Nyamata.

 Enjoy an experience in Rwanda to encounter with a number of attractions Rwanda offers.

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