Looking for where to relax, Nga’moru wilderness camp is an amazing camp next to Kidepo valley National park in the northeast Uganda, with excellent food, services, breathtaking views of Narus valley, the lodge deserves a few nights of stay.

The National park of Kidepo lies in the far northeast of Uganda, isolated from the country and noise of the city which is visited by a number of Tourists.

Nga’Moru wilderness camp is one of the lodges to explore in the best parks of Africa, where less than a number of 10 visitors arrive everyday and you can only feel you’re the only one in the park with no crowds.

Nga’Moru wilderness camp is located in an area which takes a bit of an effort to get there but a rewarding journey, to relax at the hill outside of Kidepo Valley Park with great stunning views all around from majestic Morungole Mountains to the Narus valley.

 Nga’Moru wilderness camp is in one of the most remote and wildest places in East Africa, the park which takes you back in the stone early of early man.

The camp has two self-contained bath cabanas, both with an excellent and breath taking views of the park, each cabana accommodates up to four single beds.

There also other three safari Tents with thatched roof for comfort the maximum number of occupancy is two, with great self-contained bath units.

The accommodation offers Breakfast, lunch and dinner both international and local cuisines, all the meals come from Nga’Moru wilderness camp garden. if you would like to add Nga’Moru wilderness camp please let us know. You can as well check on Trip advisor for reviews.

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