Buffaloes of Kidepo valley national park are located in the north Eastern part of Uganda.

The  park boasts with semi arid Savannah vegetation and rugged hills, the park boarders Kenya and Sudan, kidepo is surrounded by Karamojong tribe of Uganda, the Buffalos in Kidepo are unique uncountable due to numerous herds. Tourists in search for Buffalo Safari experience in Africa Kidepo National park which is the best place to go and see them in large numbers.

Buffaloes live in Savannah grassland, calves always have reddish hair which normally turns black as they keep growing, males are slightly bigger than females ones they weigh 500-900  kilograms. Buffaloes gestation period which normally takes about 11 months and the calves are protected by their mothers they join other herds after a few weeks. Buffaloes run to swamps to cool off the heat during hot days.

While you’re on a visit to view the Buffaloes you will have a chance to view animals in the park like lions, zebras, cheetahs, leopards, gazelles, elephants and many more with many different bird species, and breathtaking landscape you can’t find elsewhere in the world.


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Mbale-Soroti-Kotido toKidepo national park

By air through aerolink or interlink to Kidepo airstrip

Kampala- mbale-sironko- kotido to kidepo valley national park

Kampala-kitgum via Gulu to kidepo national park

Kampala- kotido through lira to kidepo national park

Kampala-mbale-soroti- moroto to kidepo valley national park

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