Queen Elizabeth national, was established in 1952, by that time it was called the Kazinga national park until when the queen Elizabeth 11 visited Uganda leading to the change of the name in 1964 to Queen Elizabeth national park the present one.

Queen Elizabeth national park, is Uganda’s best destination of Tourists who keep visiting the national park through out the year.

 Queen Elizabeth national park is found in the western region of Uganda, near the surrounding district of Kasese, Kamwenge, Rukungiri, and Rubirizi.

The park is approximately 40 kilometers by road of Kampala the capital city of Uganda in the south-west part of Uganda.

The park is the town of Kasese, which is found in the northwestern edge of the park. The park includes Maramagambo forest which borders the Kigezi game reserve, the Kyambura game reserve, ishasha sector and Kibale national park in Uganda, as well as it borders the Virunga national park in the Democratic Republican of Congo. Queen Elizabeth national park is established on an estimated land covering 1,978 square kilometers.

It also extends from Lake George in the north-east to Lake Edward in the south-west and also incudes kazinga channel which connects to the two lakes.

Queen Elizabeth, is a wildlife sector full of games  including leopards, lions, tree climbing lions, chimpanzees, Nile crocodiles, elephants ,kobs, antelopes, warthogs ,it’s a an area recorded for the worlds concentration of hippopotami etc.

It’s a home to 95 species of mammals and over 400 bird species. The area around the Ishasha sector is must famous for the tree climbing lions whose males killed over 6 elephants in 2015.

The park doesn’t only protect world life but it’s also famous for the volcanic features such as volcano cones, deep crate lakes such as the Katwe crater which is an ancient area for salt mining in Uganda.

Queen Elizabeth, is a must visit national park for every visitor and it can be reached in all directions of national parks in the western Uganda such as Bwindi which is famous for Gorilla trekking, Kibale famous for chimpanzees with only a short drive and distance, with in the short drive one has an opportunity to discover the tree climbing lions of Ishasha chimpanzees of Kyambura Gorge, bird species, hippos, dame drive along the Kazinga channel.

 Incredible hike through the Maramagambo forest, birding, views of shadows of Ruwenzori Mountains of the moon in the North.

Top things to do at Queen Elizabeth national park.

Game drives.

The game drive in Queen Elizabeth are proved to be a delight, with over 10 elephants, Buffaloes along the crater valleys. not a Nile the to types of animals but there are a number of animals including the Uganda kob, Topi, antelopes, waterbuck, warthogs, sitatunga antelopes and many more  of wildlife in abounds


The game drive of Nocturnal is an evicting one with spotlights of adventure. It’s the time when the predators are out searching for prey these include cats, lions, leopards, serval cats. The night game drive takes place at night at 7pm when the darkness sets in Uganda. The animals’ one could not see during the day time, this is a chance to spot a number of wild life.

Kazinga channel -Boat cruise.

Queen Elizabeth national park is a home to over 5000 hippos and it’s famous for the concentration of hippos in Africa. The hippos are found in Queen Elizabeth along the Kazinga Chanel.

The boat to the Kazinga channel takes about 2hours with great opportunities of viewing the Hippos, Nile crocodiles, lizards, elephants, buffaloes, antelopes, and a large number of birds including water birds.

Mongoose trekking.

One of the few things which are not discovered is the Mongoose Research trekking at Mweya peninsula.

The activity takes place for 3 hours with a guide who has information about the location of the Mongoose, he will explain to you about their habits, ways and behaviors. During the activity you will be able to see a number of wildlife, birds, ventures and many more.

We include the activity in your itinerary upon request.


The park is one of the best in Uganda for birding activities, the birds are over 500 species of birds. With a number of birds that inhabit the savanna wetlands and lowland forests.

The birds are in maramagambo forest such as Martial eagle, black rumpled Buttonquail, chapins fly catcher, African skimmer, pink backed pelican, black bee eater, African broadbill, white –tailed lark, papyrus gonolek, shoebill, bar tailed Godwit and many more.

Lion trekking.

Lion trekking takes place in the morning and afternoon in Queen Elizabeth national park. The trek takes place for 3hours .trek them with a guide and learn about their habits and behaviors. Book a head of your safari for lion trekking because it’s limited to a few visitors per a day .request lion trekking with DINA tours.

Maramagambo forest.

The forest is full of wood, fruits trees, and primates including the chimpanzees, baboons, monkeys, birds including the rare flycatcher, striking Rwenzori Turaco. The forest is more favorite for birders, trails of bat caves, pythons the area is designed with protection so no worry with our tourists.

Tree climbing lions at Ishasha.

The Ishasha sector is an area where the rare tree climbing lions are located. They are seen resting on the  branches while they keep a close eye for the Ugandan kobs, the sector is not only for lions but their also other wildlife that can be spotted such as elephants, buffaloes, and many more. Visit Queen Elizabeth for chances of tree climbing lions of Congo.

Lake Katwe explosion

The basin scattered across the equator as an evidence of the Albertan rift bubbling volcanic in the past years. There various crate lakes between the Kabatoro gate and queen pavilion with many views of craters ,rift valley ,kazinga channel, lake Edward and lake George with amazing views of Rwenzori mountain of the moon.

Kyambura wildlife reserve.

The Kyamburo wildlife reserve is located in Kyambura gorge with stunning views to see water birds such as great egret, lesser flamingos. Enjoy a guided walk with no added cost besides your park fees. The flamingoes at the park are migratory birds which are usually seen during the winter season.

Ancient lake katwe salt mining.

Lake Katwe is an ancient lake which started in the 16th century and it has developed the community with employment opportunities by extracting the salt from the water.

Although the salt usually damages the body of those who mine the whole day which is like gold since it brought wealth to the area. The guide will give you full insight on the process of salt mining. See the local communities at work for survive.

Combine the park with other long safari and experience more of the pearly of Africa. Book for your activities.


There many various lodges at queen Elizabeth which cater for the Tourists  all ranging from budget, midrange and luxury including Mweya safari lodge, Ihamba safaris, Jacana safari lodge, Simba safari camp, Queen Elizabeth bush lodge ,bush lodge, baffalo lodge and many more. We book according to your travel plan and budget.

We are avaible to organize this kind of trip for your best of travel.

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