Ziwa Rhino sanctuary, is a home to the Rhinos ,  which is located approximately 180 kilometers by road, in the north part of Kampala Uganda’s capital and largest city.

The Rhino sanctuary is found in Nakitoma Village, Nakasongo District, in Kafu Basin, off the Kampala-Gulu highway.

 Ziwa Rhino sanctuary is with effort with the Uganda Wildlife Authority to conserve and protect the white Rhinos.

The sanctuary offers an area to rescue a big number of populations where Rhinos can breed, protected from human and non-human predators.'

The park was opened  to introduce the Rhinos to  Uganda and also to allow a number of Tourists to experience an encounter with the Majestic animals.

The park has a number 20 Rhinos and an operation team of approximately 78 game rangers and security guides who keep and protect the Rhinos for 24 hours.

The park is situated on 70 square kilometers surrounded by 2 meters of Electric fence to keep the Rhinos out of danger and also people to keep away from Rhinos.

The sanctuary is not only a home to the Rhinos but the park protects at least 40 species of mammals, primates, reptiles, and bird’s species.

 Tourists can spend a day here trekking the white Rhinos and also other mammals. Not only spend a day here the Tourist can have a stopover at the Rhino sanctuary before proceeding to any trip in the northwestern parts of Uganda to visit the Murchison Falls National park, Kidepo National park.

 The park can facilitate at the lodges in the sanctuary or near the sanctuary the lodges include safari lodge, Guest house, budget accommodation and camping sites.

The accommodations have two separate restaurant which offer meals to the tourist. The sanctuary offers different activates such as birding, canoe rides, nature walks.

Contact Dina Tours and Travel for your safaris .Rhino trekking can be added to your Murchison falls safaris. 

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