Akagera national park, is found in the eastern Rwanda and covers 1,200 square kilometers along the Tanzania border. The park was established in 1934 to protect the flora and Fauna in the savannah, swamp and Mountain.

The park is named after the Kagera River that flows along the boundaries feeding into several lakes and the largest which is Lake Ihema.

 Akegara national park is the largest wetland in the Eastern central Africa, because the forest is full of papyrus swamps, lakes, savannah plains and the rolling highlands its one of the biodiversity.

The park is a home to the big five including the lions, leopards, elephants, Rhinos ,Buffaloes pother animals include Topi,Zebra,waterbuck,antelope,Eland,duiker,oribi,reedbuck,bushbuck,impala and the primates include olive baboons, vervets, blue monkey, bush babies with the number of habitants the park is visited by 36,000 tourist a year.

 Akagera national park, is combined with the Nyungwe and the volcanoes national park which offer safari. With the parks habitat the park has a number off birds including the rare shoebill which lives in the papyrus swamps with other birds such as gonolek, fish eagle, cattle Egret, Hamerkop, scared and Hadada Ibis, Augur Buzzard ,pied crow, black-headed and Violets black weaver ,fan-tailed widowbird ,grey-backed fiscal and countless which inhabited the swamps in big number.

There many activities Dina Tours and Travel can organize for you to enjoy a beautiful encounter in the wild.


Akagera national park offers game drives which take place in the morning in such for the wildlife including the leopards, hyenas, lions, elephants, buffaloes, antelopes, zebra, Giraffes and many more.

The game drives always take place in the morning and evening. The morning game drives give you an opportunity to spot the wildlife, as they go back to their hiding after the night prey and also to hide away from the sun heat while the evening game drive gives you a chance to spot wildlife as they move from their hidings to find prey.

 Enjoy a game drive as you view the big mammals, sceneries of the par and many more.


The park is famous for birds and bird watchers find peace as they encounter with a number of birds. The bird species include the shoebill stock ,gonolek other species include weavers, egrets, kingfisher, cattle Egret, Hamerkop, scared and Hadada Ibis, Augur Buzzard, pied crow, black-headed and Viellots black weaver, fan-tailed widowbird, grey-backed fiscal.

 Birding is done with a well informed guide who is full knowledgeable about birds, birding can be done especially on Lake Ihem and while during the game drives a number of birds can as well be spotted out.

Boat safari on Lake Ihema.

During the afternoon hours a boat ride can be organized at Lake Ihema where most animals hide under shades because of the heat, drink water and also to cool off their bodies. With addition of spotting the water birds, spot the concentration of hippos in water, Nile crocodiles at the shore of lake Victoria.


Spot fishing

The park gives an opportunity for sport fishing on lake Shakani.one is required to book with the park in advance for the sport fishing at the lake.one is allowed to catch the fish for meals incase interested.

Culture Tours.

The experience at the park gives you an opportunity to visit the cattle keepers near the Akagera national park. Have an opportunity to observe and participate in traditional cattle as they graze, milk. Visit the local people and learn on the ways how they preserve milk as well as you go through the process of making milk into different products like Yogurt, ghee, take part in preparing meals with milk products. The culture tour contributes to the culture and conservation of wildlife in the park.


The journey starts from Kigali town through Rwamagana town to Akagera national park enter through the north and south gate, it takes approximately 2 hours to arrive at the park entrance.

Safari lodges-Accommodation.

The park has a number of accommodations which range from budget, mid range and luxury. The lodges include Ruziza tented camp, Akagera game lodge, Dereva hotel and Lake Kivu hotel option your lodge.

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