Sezibwa falls is located along Jinja Road. Sezibwa falls is approximately 32 km, east of Kampala,Uganda’s capital city. The site is a Buganda Heritage site one of the tribes in Uganda.

 The name Sezibwa is a local word from the word ‘Sizibwa Kubo’ meaning my path can not be blocked from moving.

The falls history started as Buganda culture which they believe in to heal and get blessings from their ancestors to look for job, children, healing and many more.

 The falls are beautifully with sharp-edged rocks and amazing soothing sound of the falls as it flows from a 7 meter height to the flow.

View the birds as they fly over the water bodies and harmony of bird songs above the trees which creates a beautiful scenery. There many primates to spot such as white colobus monkeys, red monkeys and many.

There many birds to spot, tree species to spot, take rock climbing around the park. Enjoy the great trip at Sezibwa falls.

According to the traditional history the river Sezibwa and the twin brother Bwanda,were born as a result of a woman giving birth on her way to Kavuma Bukunja.

She gave birth to twins and they were water, some water moved to the east and the remaining water is the Sezibwa falls which flowed to west.

 Many people come to these areas to seek for miracles as they believe the site has magnificent supernatural powers.

The location of Sezibwa is in a place of nature and with no noise and area of restive, sight and sounds, culture encounter and a very short drive fro Kampala the busiest city in Uganda. Sezibwa is a perfect place for most visitors to enjoy a natural setting of Ssezibwa falls.


Bird watching, viewing of the falls, Rock climbing, biking and any more.

Visit the falls on a one day trip or your trip to Jinja town and encounter your memorable trip for a life time. At Sezibwa falls is where one can enjoy a natural setting of Ssezibwa falls as you observe the birds in the surrounding area, take a hike around the falls and enjoy your lunch at the Resort or stay overnight.The trip to Ssezibwa falls is always combined with other trips, with a great visit to Mabira forest along Jinja road, a trip to Jinja the adventurous city and Sipi falls.

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