Sipi falls, is a series of three waterfalls in Eastern Uganda found in the district of Kapchorwa, northeast of Sironko and Mbale. The water falls of Sipi lie at the edge of Mount Elgon National park near the Kenyan border.

 Mount Elgon and various hikes and Sipi falls is the starting point to all the hikes. Mount Elgon National park is best known for the starting route in Budadiri, which follows the Sasa trail to the summit down the Sipi trail back into Sipi falls.

The Hikes to the falls offer great stunning views of Karamoja plains, Lake Kyoga, and the great slopes of Mount Elgon. Sipi River is named after the ‘sep’, a plant situated at the River bank of the River.

The plant resembles a type of wild banana and it’s used by locals to treat measles and fever. Sipi falls area is famous for the local Bugisu Arabica coffee which grows between an altitude of 1,600 and 1,900 meters, coffee tours are organized through a guided walk with a full informed and knowledgeable guide who shows you and gives you full information about coffee planting and roasting .

The Sipi falls are beautiful with soothing sounds of the falls and the beauty of the falls is amazing. View a number of birds, tree species and many more.

The trek takes about 3 hours although it’s quite challenging and one needs to be physically fit especially during the rainy days. The hike to the falls is 7 meters with great views of stunning nature.

Sipi falls is found in mountain Elgon and the area has many activities that can entertain visitors can give them a memorable trip to conquer and since every visitor is not a climber there are lots of nature trails, waterfalls, caves, vegetation, birds, wildlife all the activities take place with a company of a guide who is fully informed about all activities and attractions at Sip falls.

Sipi falls is one of the best places to unwind, chill out from the long trip or a long hike worthy your trip.


They are many attractions and activities at Sipi falls such as

Hiking, climbing to Mount Elgon, mountain hiking, birding, Rock climbing, fishing, community walks, Nyero Rock climbing. Sipi falls is a beautiful area. Climbing Mount Elgon may take 4 days to reach to the top, one must be fit enough .There porters and guides who accompany you during the hike to make it easier to the top and also to help you carry your loaded luggages.


There very many optional lodges and backpackers/campsite offering in different ranges of all budget, midrange and luxury.

How to reach there it takes approximately 6 hours from Kampala the capital city of Uganda.

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