Rwenzori national park, is located in Kasese district which lies in the southwestern part of Uganda. The Park of Rwenzori Mountain of the moon lies along Uganda and the border of Virunga national park in Congo, the snow peak is the highest in Africa.

The lower slopes are blanketed in moor land, bamboo and rich montane forest. Rwenzori Mountain is covered approximately on 1000km2, it’s the third highest mountain peak, lakes, glaciers, waterfalls which was established in 1991.

The park was named by Alexandrine geographer in AD 150, it’s locally known as Ruwenzori which is translated as the rain maker or cloud king.

There many attractions and activities at the park, it hosts about 70 mammals including wildlife such as Giant forest hog, Rwenzori otter, bushbucks, duikers, primates such as monkeys, colobus monkeys and many more.

The park also protects over 217 birds including the Rwenzori Turaco, blue headed and golden winged sunbird, slender billed starling, and long eared owl.

There a number of hikes and trails of nature in Rwenzori national park during the guided walk along the slopes of Mountain Rwenzori one can easily spot out Velvet mond, squirrels as you hike to the rivers.

There different activities at Rwenzori mountain as below.

Climbing the mountain.

Mountain Rwenzori, is one of the best areas for climbing and hiking in the world. Although Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro are higher.

During the hike, there a number of trails for both short hikes in the lower areas and long hikes in the snow capped peaks. The central circuit was best trail in Africa and the 9th in the whole world.

The hike takes a period of 8 days  to cover the central circuit, it always one to see the main mountains including Speke ,Baker ,savoia, Stanley with possibilities of climbing the peaks such as Margarita .the circuit offers experience of vegetation, tropical rain forest, bamboo and many more. More so to spot out a number of bird species.


The Rwenzori Mountain provides 24 Albertine Rift endemics, 88 Afro-tropical high biome species have been recorded in the park the birds include Rwenzori Turaco, blue headed and golden winged sun bird, slender billed starling, and long eared owl and many more to encounter.

Community walk.

Take a walk at Ruboni village in the foothills of Rwenzori to experience the day to day life of the Bakonjo tribe who have lived around the Rwenzori Mountains. The Bakonjo people are the ones that gave a local name to the mountain ‘Rwenzori’ which means ‘rain maker’. While you experience the village walk you will be able to meet the blacksmith, story teller, crafts maker and farmers.


There a lot of opportunities for Tourists in the foot hills on the Rwenzori Mountains of the moon-visit the drum makers, dancing lessons learn ways of the village people as they carry out their day to day activity on the mountain.


Staying in the Rwenzori Mountains can be delightful in the accommodations near by ranging from budget, mid range and luxury. The lodges include Equator snow lodge and Ruboni community camp.

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