Apoka safari lodge, is found in Karamongo regain an area full of imaginative hills, golden grasses, wildlife in the mighty Kidepo valley National  park the most remote park far away from the noise of the city.

The green golden plains, rocky out crops which reveal a big sky at night. View the bright stars of the earth.

The wildlife in Kidepo is abundant because of many wildlife encounters such as lions, Elephants, cheaters, lions, zebras, giraffes and many more.

Kidepo is one of the largest national parks in Uganda where a number of zebras and Giraffes are found, possibly one of the largest concentrations of hartebeests, Buffaloes, waterbucks, bushbuck and many more. A number of wildlife can be spotted on the Verandas of the lodge or outdoor bathtubs, although the best to spot out the wildlife so close is using an open-top land cruiser or a nature walk on foot.

Apoka has many comfortable rooms, and everything included in the room is handmade, the rooms are surrounded by rocky Kopje with endless views across the savannah. The rooms have a private bathroom and a sitting room, read and sprawl relaxation area.provided mosquito nets, carpets, towels, the lodge is far away from the city but with the most imaginative life to encounter.

Enjoy a sleepover in the outdoor stone bathtub, an area fit for the whole family. The lodge has a swimming pool which is deep and cool and it has been curved with a big rock stones, this kind of pool is amazing and gives you a chance to be a kid again.

Walk across the savanna alongside Zebras. Spend your time with the Karamojong community share and learn about another culture away from home. View the sunset in the fig tree as you watch the breeding herds of elephants.

Come and stay in the wild as you drink, view and feel the sound of the wild including the roar of the lions as you stay for a while at Apoka safari lodge.

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