Ndere culture center is one of the most amazing culture centers in Uganda to encounter with all entertainment of culture in Uganda.

It’s an amazing stopover during your tour to enjoy and be entertained with different cultures of Uganda to learn more away from home.

Ndere center is a home of cultures, Ndere Troup. The center enables you to enjoy a blissful artistic creativity, breath the fresh air around Kampala because of the location of the headquarter which are build in a well maintained green with beautiful flowers on the walk away, African trees, mature fruits and many more.

Food feasts

The center has special food feasts such as on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays when the Ndere Troupes is performing. The feat offers BBQs and an ending desire of Uganda’s cuisine.


Uganda Ndere Troop captures, the amazing culture songs, dances and instruments from different nationalities, tribes, stories, an experience not to be missed by the entire families both National and Internationals Tourists to Uganda, this is the best culture center to Africa’s culture ways and life styles.

Ndere culture center is one of the amazing centers you shouldn’t miss out during your travel to Uganda on a Tour or in Uganda .experience all the amazing culturedances as you’re entertained to the fullest.

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