Kayaking is one of the best experiences to encounter on your trip to Jinja and take a thrilling moment of the whitewater kayaking on the world’s greatest River.

Warm water, sunshine, tropical islands ,great rapids ,kayaking gives you two experiences half a day on the water rafting or full day water rafting ,the trip gives you full day of memories to trail the tourists journey on the Rover Nile.

Even if you have been in kayaking before, another opportunity is here to give a route through the famous crashing white water of the might Nile and mastering your first rapids in a time. People travel from all over the world to experience the kayaking at the Nile with great passionately believe it’s the best place in the world for a thrilling experience of river Nile.

The full day kayaking experience takes you on the calm water, rapids and afternoon white water trip.

From the River base at the Bujagali you will head down to the lake with a kayaking instructor who will brief you and share with you the passion of kayaking. The flat waters give you the first opportunity to train and teach you the kayaking skills and fundamentals. The instructor will teach you ways of how to kayak, control the boat, in its movements, getting in and out of the boat, different strokes and techniques of kayaking on the river.

Comfortable with the morning, afternoon events. Take a short drive from the river base through the villages around the lake, the first rapid with be led by the guide who will be leading your way to the River Nile to encounter with the eight rapids on the Nile.

The first water to surf waves, the rapids ,master the lines, although the first section of water to surf is deep ,warm and no rocks to hit on your head or body, so we continue to use the section of many day courses. As the best guides provided there is a lot of pride and more than a holiday activity on your trip. Kayaking is one of the best activity that sets the other activities apart, this activity makes you end the day with a genuine achievements .During the kayaking there is a lot of improvement in your skills for the boat rides during and after boat, this is most likely being unable to master the real white water rapids and great waves.

The day for kayaking the Nile to the unforgettable experience encounter and one needs the sparks of interest in the enjoying the river worldwide.

Full day white water experience              

Kampala-Jinja shuttle bus                         

It’s more than a tourist activity

Transport to and from the River

Safety record

Lunch, cold sodas and beers

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Full day of export coaching and guiding

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