Nakayima tree is located at Mubende Hill, this tree has existed for over four hundred years, it’s located near the Kampala-Fort Portal road. The traditional history has it that the scared status of Mubende Hill is dated that the pre-Bachwezi time was settled a magician called the Kamwenge, he was originated from Mbarara. The sons of the magicians established themselves as local rulers, later on Mubende Hill became their capital and it was the largest settlement in the region.

The settlement site was later on taken by the Bachwezi ruler Ndahura who resided   several years before he retired to his birthplace near Fort portal Town.

This tree is a traditional harbor, the spirit of Ndahura, this spirit is defied both the Baganda and Banyoro, it’s known as the god of small pox.

This tree was founded by a priest from Ankole, who adopted the name Nakayima who was the wife of Ndahura who is the source of the line of sorceries.

Nakayima is known to be a care taker of the tree; however she was also regularly possessed by the spirit of Ndahura. Her powers are said to have the ability to cure and prevent small pox and fatal diseases, help infertile women to bear children. Nakayima was in charge of overseeing ritual ceremonies the act of sacrificing sheeps, cows and many teenage girls and boys.

Nakayima lineage is for full four centuries as acknowledged spiritual figured to both rulers and the peasantry of Buganda and Bunyoro. The Buganda first intimation of its demise in 1888, there was a religious conflict rocked Buganda and forced incumbent Nakayima, Nyanjara, to flee from Mubende.

Nakayima later on returned but one of the seven huts traditionally inhabited by the Nakayima razed, the graves predecessors were defaced, and most of her things were vanished including the drums.

The attack had no immediate impact on Nakayimas influence in Bunyoro, which are relatively    un exposed to exotic religions, King Kabalega made  a special visit to Mubende to pay Nyanjara tribute in 1899.

The political autonomy characterized the once feared and revered spiritual community that was led by Nakayima when Mubende Hill was placed under the indirect colonial rule of a Muaganda Saza chief appointed by the British administration at Kakumiro  Nyanjara retired to Bugogo, where she later on died in 1907,Nakayima was not interred in the traditional cemetery near the scared tree, she was eventually in  isolation at the base of Mubende Hill.

The fantastic regalia confiscated by authorities to form one of the most impressive displays in the national Museum in Kampala-together with two large and ancient pots.

Nakayima unfortunately has no successor as little ever emerged. In 1926 Muhima sorceress briefly took   up residence on Mubende Hill, years later ,a young girl from Ankole dressed in full regalia she spent several nights screeching at the base of the Nakayima tree before presumably vanishing back where had come.

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