Lake Mburo national park, is located in the southwestern part of Uganda in Kiruhura district. It’s the first national park in the southwest of Uganda.

The park is 260km and is one of the smallest of Uganda’s national park with savannah and its mosaic habitat, rocky outcrops, dry hillside, bush thickets, wooded savanna forest, lakes and swamps are a home to the animals and plants.

The Park is located about 30 kilometers by road east of Mbarara town, the biggest town of the western part of Uganda. It’s approximately 240kilometres west of Kampala, and takes about 4 hours to arrive at the park from Kampala the capital city of Uganda.

The park is a home to the wildlife including the zebras, buffaloes, kobs, warthogs, hartebeests, Elands, oribs, antelopes, and many more.

There also a number of lakes and swamps with a variety of hippos, Nile crocodiles, birds including shoe billed stork, African eagle, flyer catcher and many more. Beautiful sceneries of landscapes.

There many activities to encounter at the national park.

Game drive

The game drives at Lake Mburo national park, gives one an opportunity to spot a number of animals. The game drives are during the morning and evening hours with a guide and a ranger.

The morning game drive gives you an opportunity, to spot the wildlife you could have missed during the evening hours as they return to their hideouts after the night prey.

The evening game drive is an opportunity one has to spot animals you could have missed during the morning game drive and animals moving out of their hideouts to search for prey.

Animals spotted include zebras, buffaloes, kobs, warthogs, hippos, buffaloes, warthogs, elands, leopards, lions and many more, it’s an endless list to encoder in the wild.


The park protects about 400 bird species including the shoebill stork, crested francolin, white-winged warbler, brown parrot, emerald-spotted wood dove, common quails, greenwood hippos, black-billed Barbet, blue-napped mouse bird, African-grey hornbill, red necked spur fowl, Rufous chested swallow, southern Red Bishop, yellow-throated long claw and many more. We can organize a birding activity .during the game drive one can spot a number of birds.

Rubanga forest walk.

With over 50 bird species recorded in Rubanga, the park arranges a ranger to accompany you in this small forest with a small canopy with in the unique trees such as Markhamia platy calyx, yellow flowers, red brunches, palms, figs, flame trees towards the age of the forest.

Not only birds and trees are found in the forest but can might as well spot out a number of primates including the black and white monkeys, red monkeys and many more.

Boat ride.

The lake is a home to animals, plant species that are viewed as well as Nile crocodiles, hippos, birds such as fish eagle, cormorant, heron, shoebill stork and lakes are all in Lake Mburo the duration every boat offers a lot to spot with in the 2hors arranged.

Nature walk

The lake offers visitors a chance to see the unique nature insight during the nature walk. With a company of a ranger, tourists have an opportunity to walk with a full informed guide who has knowledge of the nature in the park.

Salt lick.

Take a tour to the salt lick which offers visitors a chance to see different species of animals at any time as they lick salt soil.

At this area the animals are viewed without any destruction from the salt lick the tour is accompanied by a ranger.

Fishing at Lake Mburo.

The lakes at the park have 6 species of fish, Tilapia and many more tourists who are interested in fishing have a big chance to encounter.

Visitors interested in fishing should carry their fishing equipment’s and fish at Mazinga with a campsite restaurant to ensure maximum relaxation for visitors while they carry out fishing.


The park has a number of accommodation facilities ranging from luxury, budget, midrange the lodges include Rwonyo campsite, Mantana safari tent, Mihingo lodge, Arcadia cottage, eagles nest .book your trip with Dina tours and travel you can as well option your lodge upon request.

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