Chimpanzee trekking, is done in Kibale National park which is located in the south western part of Uganda, it’s a rain forest protecting the chimpanzee and a moist evergreen.

The park is measured approximently 755m in size and located between 1100 meters in elvetion.

Even thou the park is most famous for primate walk, there other mammals which can be spotted out such as elephants,bushbucks,hogs,bush pigs, giant forest,buffaloes and many more.

 The park protects a number of bird species which can be spotted during the birding season or even during chimpanzee trekking season. The birds which can be spotted include Red-chased fluff tail, Red-winged Francolin,green-breasted pitta, white-billed crested flycatcher, tiny sunbirds and many more.

The chimpanzees have been habituated which means they are trained to be close to human beings to be explored with no danger and can continue to do their day to day activities in the wild near humans.

The trekking season involves one hour watching the apes face to face and the chimpanzee habituation involves the whole day experience with the human like.

Dina Tours and Travel gives you a complete package of Chimpanzees trekking and habituation.

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