Golden monkey trekking, is done in the volcanoes national park, the unique monkeys inhabit the Virunga Mountains that cover the Democratic Republican of Congo, Uganda and Rwanda.

Golden monkeys are endangeredspecies which are rare to find. Golden monkey is an activity that takes place in the forest and the slopes of volcanoes national parkwhich located southwestern part of Uganda at the Border of Burundi and Rwanda south of Democratic Republican of Congo.

Golden Monkey trekking is an exciting adventure thatoffers an encounter of beautiful species of Monkey ‘the Golden monkey’. The Golden Monkey has a golden fur coat which gives a stunning color that overshadows the Gorillas.

There is no limited number of people and no age limit for Golden monkeys. A group of Golden Monkey is called a troop it consists of 80-90 individuals which are occasionally visited

 The session for Golden monkey trekking takes place early morning; it starts with a short briefing about Gorilla trekking at Kinigi park headquarters at 7am.

Monkeys are found in the Bamboo forest, trekking takes place  as your accompanied by a ranger and a guide   who helps you to allocate the monkeys as youfollow the left overs ,the trek takes a period of 30minute to 2hours.And one hour watching them as they carry out their day to day activities.

The trek enables you to spot Golden monkeys with short tails, tree species, bird species’ and many more during the trek you, might as well spot some monkeys with shorttails, bird species and a number of tree species .The Golden monkeys spend most of their time on top of the Bamboo trees which they usually feed on, but they still move on ground.

Golden monkeys are very shy, they live close to humans because of their shy little shy faces.These Golden monkeys have wonderful colors which is permitted. Monkeys at times their seen moving  into open potatoes which they feed on after the local people are done with harvesting. They dig, and clean their   potatoes before eating them. Golden monkeys are hiked in the flat Bamboo forest.

These are some of things one needs to carry along with you such as king shoes, bottledwater, Rain jacket, flash cameras so you’re allowed.


 Book a golden monkey trip in advance, the Golden monkey permit costs USD 100.

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