6 days Kidepo and Murchison falls national park


6 Days Kidepo and Murchison falls national park; view a number of wildlife in the park.

Kidepo Valley National park, is located in the northeast part of Uganda, the park is approximately 1,500 square Kilometers in the Karamoja land.

The land of the park is very rugged, with about 2,800 meters feet to mount Morungole which is transected by Narus Rivers and Kidepo.

Kidepo Valley National Park, which is located in Kaabong district, is approximately 230 Kilometers by road of the northwest Moroto, which is the largest sub region.

Kidepo valley National park is approximately 530 Kilometers by road, from Kampala the capital city of Uganda, the park offers great sightings such as cheetahs, Bush duikers, Leopards, Buffaloes of Kidepo valley, antelopes, Jackals, Hyenas and many more to see.

Murchison falls national park; the park is the oldest national park in Uganda measuring over 3,986 square Kilometers.

It bisects through lake Victoria, the water of the Nile keeps flowing through a narrow gorge which is about 7meters, that plunges in 50 meters wide, the forest park adjacent to Budongo forest reserve which protects over 78 species of mammals, there a number of Nile crocodiles, Hipoppotamus , 500 bird species with a number of water bird species , such as the shoe billed stork, which attracts a number of tourists dwarf kingfisher, white thighed hornbill, great blue Turaco, Goliath heron. Our Tour guide will take you through a short briefing about the whole trip.

Note: There two options to reach Kidepo, by Road transport, Air transport which depends on your budget. For those driving to Kidepo National it may take a day and half a day due to long distance.

Trip highlights

Game drive

Boat ride

Culture encounter

Day 1 Kampala-Kitgum

Wake up at 6am have breakfast our guide will pick you up and take you through a short briefing about the whole Tour. The journey starts at 7pm through the towns of northern Uganda drive in Luwero, Kigumba, Bweyale, Kamudini and Gulu.

The guide and opportunities of beautiful sceneries of geographical zones, savanna woodland,  grassland, rainforest, water bodies, semi arid and many more.

Have a stopover for lunch in Gulu town and continue driving to Kitgum where you will have a sleepover at Boma hotel.

Day 2: Kitgum-Kidepo national park

Wake up at 6am for a 3 hour drive to Kidepo Valley national park ,enter through the Katurum gate in the midmorning as you spot a number of Oribis, Lesser Kudu, Jacksons hartebeest and many more.

Check in at the lodge for lunch and later enjoy the game drive.

Accommodation (option)

Meal plan: Lunch and dinner

Apoka lodge

Apoka rest camp

Nga’moru wilderness  camp.

Day 3:Kidepo Valley national park

Early morning wake up  at 6am have breakfast Kanangorok hot springs and Narus valley, enjoy an opportunity to see a number of Giraffes, Lion, Leopards, Cheaters, Elands and many more.

Morning game drive starts at lunch and there after proceed to Karenna for Kidepo cultural performance for an incredible culture encounter, enjoy the music, dance and drummer, enjoy the poems and more.

Later on in the evening you can option for a evening game drive to see some of the animals you could have missed out during the early morning game drive.

Accommodation (option)

Meal plan: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Apoka lodge

Apoka rest camp

Nga’moru wilderness  camp.

Day 4:Kidepo-Murchison falls National park 

After the early morning breakfast we get ready to embark to Murchison falls through Pakwach. The journey takes you through Kitgum and Gulu for a lunch stopover. Continue to Karuma and finally Murchison falls with great views of game drives. Check in at the lodge

Accommodation (option)

Meal plan: Dinner

Paara safari lodge

Sambiya river lodge

Murchison River lodge

Red chili rest camp

Day 5 Murchison falls National park

After early morning breakfast prepare for the morning game drive on the northern bank of river Nile you will enter through the Tangi gate.

Enjoy the beautiful sceneries of the park as you see a number of Brasses, palms, which  elephants and Giraffes feed on, the game drive  gives you an opportunity to see a number of African  Buffaloes, kobs,Jackson Harte beests ,bird species like the hippoes, eagles, and cats like lions, leopards can be spotted at the river delta and many more. After the morning game drive return to the lodge for lunch.

At 2pm you will get ready  for  another encounter  of a boat ride along the river Nile, where tourist visit to see the amazing falls with opportunities of animals such as water bucks, elephants, Nile crocodiles and many more wildlife encounter.

Get off the boat for a 45 minute walk to the top of the falls to have great views of the falls more so to spot a number of animals. The guide will be waiting to drive you back to the lodge for an overnight.

 Accommodation (option)

Meal plan: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Paara safari lodge

Sambiya river lodge

Murchison River lodge

Red chili rest camp

Day 6 Murchison falls National park-Kampala

After you breakfast encounter with a morning game drive to spot out some of the mammals you could have missed out such as hyenas, hippoptamus, lions and many more.

Get ready for the encounter to Kampala have a stopover at kabalega dinner for lunch and also another stopover at  Ziwa Rhino trekking sanctuary for Rhino trekking. Continue to Kampala before 6pm to your hotel or Entebbe airport depending on your travel plan.

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