Lake Bunyonyi, also known as locally known as the place of many birds, the area of Bunyonyi is full of different bird species .Lake Bunyonyi is located between the towns of Kisoro and Kibale in the southwestern part of Uganda.

 Lake Bunyonyi is one of the deepest crate Lake in the world. Lake Bunyonyi includes a number of islands, and some of the islands they were used for punishing the Bakiga women or girls who used to get pregnant before marriage to die well, they tried to escape from the island when their swimming to the shores. Lake Bunyonyi is surrounded with rolling hills it’s a beautiful view the view the amazing beautiful sceneries.

The lake is most favored with a number of bird species. The lake is a chill out where one can relax, canoe, enjoy a boat ride, hiking, nature walks, Batwa trails, village walks, culture encounter and many more.

The lake is Bilharzia free with no Crocodiles, Hippos. Swim in one of the deepest crate lake in Africa. Canoe at Lake Bunyinyo to explore the lake and discover the world magical lake.

Birding: the lake offers an opportunity to spot a number of birds including the water birds and many more at the shores of the lake bird lovers this is a big opportunity to spot a number of birds.


Lake Bunyonyi has a number of lodges for accommodation. The lodges range in Budget, midrange and luxury during your safari we option to chose for you a lodge which suits your pockets some of the lodges include lake Bunyonyi eco Resort, Nature’s prime island lodge, Lake Bunyonyi Resort, Bunyonyi overland Resort and many more.

How to reach Lake Bunyonyi.                                                                                                          

Travel southwest part of Uganda to the town of Kibale, it takes approximately 8 hours from Kampala the capital city of Uganda  and from Kibale town to the lake it takes 25 minutes by taxi. The lake can as well be accessed from Kigali Rwanda and Uganda. Visit the most nature lake in Africa and worldwide

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