Mountain Elgon national park, Is located in the northeast part of Uganda and of Lake Victoria the second largest lake in the world. The park is an extinct volcano which first erupted 24 million years ago, Mount Elgon covers an area of 1,279 square kilometers which is bisected by the Kenya border of was established in Kenya by 1968 and in Uganda in 1992.

The park is the largest and oldest in East Africa providing protection for the Flora and Fauna such as trees, antelopes, elephants, African Buffaloes, over 300 bird species.

Mountain Elgon is a water catchment of River Nzoia that flows to Lake Victoria and to river Turkwel that flows into Lake Turkana.

 Mountain Elgon, has a variety of flora and fauna which have a beautiful sceneries such as caves, waterfalls, cliffs, calderas, hot springs, mountain peaks, and a number of elephant’s, African buffaloes that always visit to lick the salty water at the caves.

The peak of Mount Elgon can be easily reached by hikers and measures approximately 13,852 feet high, it’s located in Koitoboss.

The park has various attractions and activities such as vehicle leading to the viewing sites such as caves and Koitoboss peak, hiking, primate and bird watching, nature trails, cave exploration, adventure, Abseiling, waterfalls, ancient Rock paintings ,camping photography.

Sipi falls is located in Mountain Elgon and is one of the things to see and combine with the wonders of nature.

 The mountain is more than to be conquered by visitors who have an opportunity to view various attractions.

 Below are some of the activities in and near Mount Elgon to be explored and discover the region of the pearl of Africa.

Sipi falls

Mountain Elgon has a total of three falls, where one can enjoy the views of the beautiful falls and the soothing sound its quite breath taking and enjoyed for a life time experience.

Hiking and climbing Mount Elgon.

The hike to the mountain can take for four days, there guides and porters who guide you to a successful hike.

 During the hike one must have tents and dried up food to help you hike to the top of the mountains. Although the hike may take 4 days there other short trails which can take half a day and you will only need a packed lunch from the lodge and a lot of drinking water.

Mountain Biking.

The trails to Mount Elgon national park is near by sipi falls area and it’s most suitable for mountain bikers.


Mountain Elgon is a home for birds and bird lovers have an opportunity to spot a number of species such as Hartlaubs Turaco, lemon Dove, Dusky-Turtle dove, African hill babbler, eastern Bronze-napped pigeon, Alpine chat, Black-throated wattle-eye, mountain yellow warbler, thick-billed honey guide, cuckoo-shrike and many more.

Rock climbing.

There various rock climbing’s at the park which are safe in and out. The climb is supervised and enjoyable activity.


The sipi falls are the only falls in Uganda where one can carry out fishing. Fishing is done at the falls on sipi river .during your activity you will need to have a packed lunch, drinks or water. The activity is carried out early morning for the best catch of a Nile perch.


Community walk.

The community walk is not far from the mountain Elgon. The community walk offers a culture dance, nature walk, guided coffee tours.

Tourists have a chance to discover culture dances, food preparations. Take also a walk to the Arabic coffee process of plants which supports the local community.

The community can be taken on three trails including Namugabwe cave trail, Bamasaba community land, banana plantations, historical caves, the Dirgana loop trail to the Dirigsana falls and Gabushana cave past the local markets.

Bagishu-Imbalu circumcision.

The culture of Bagisu people circumcision of males is done publicly. However no picture is supposed to be taken unless one offers a donation. The event takes place in August and December but more favourite in December.  On the streets where family and friends meet with hundreds and thousands females who come to look for the new bachelors.

Book a tour with Dina tours, sipi falls in Mountain Elgon can be combined with Jinja adventure tour or a stopover from Kidepo national park. Discover and explore the nature of sipi falls.


Sipi River lodge, Lacam lodge, sipi falls resort, forest exploration centre, Moses camp, Noah’s ark.

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