Lake Nakuru, the lake is one of the Rift Valley soda lakes which are on an elevation of 1,755 metres above the sea level. The lake lies to the south part of Nakuru in the rift valley of Kenya; it’s protected by Lake Nakuru National park.

Lake Nakuru is full of abundance of algae which has attracted a number of flamingos found along the shores of Lake Nakuru, And other birds that are seen flourishing in the area including Goliath Heron, Pied Kingfisher, African Fish eagle, Hamerkop and Verreaux’s eagle and many more. There  mammals in the area including  baboons, Warthogs, Black Rhinos, White Rhinos ,zebras and many more.

The word Nakuru means ‘Dusty place’ in the Masai language. It’s located close to Nakuru town, established in the year of 1961.The Park started very small, encompassing the famous lake which is surrounded by the Mountainous vicinity, and it’s also included on the large area of savannah. The park is protected by the Ramsar convention of wetlands. It’s one of the best areas where all flamingos feed. Its best known for the millions of Flamingos that rest along the shores, the surface is hardly recognized this is due to continually shifting mass of the pink.

Lake Nakuru, protects a number of flamingos on the Lake which varies with water and food conditions the best vantage point from the Baboon Cliff, the area is 188km around the lake it is fenced off as a sanctuary in order to protect the Giraffes including the white Rhinos and black Rhinos.

The park is enlarged in order to provide the sanctuary for Black Rhinos, to keep poachers away as well as to restrict the Movement of Wildlife. It has more than 26 Eastern black Rhinoceros; the area is the largest concentration in the country and over 70 southern white Rhinos. Inhabits the Rothschild’s Giraffe, which were relocated for safety from the western part of Kenya in the year of 1977. Waterbucks are very common and both are subspecies, other predators include the leopards, Cheetahs, lions and many more.

The park as well inhabits large pythons; these inhabit the dense woodlands which are often spotted crossing the roads or dangling from trees. It’s a small lake located on the south edge of the town of Nakuru which lies in the area of about 165 Kilometers north of Nairobi. It can be visited in a day tour from the capital as part of a circuit which takes part in the Masai Mara or Lake Baringo and East to Samburu.

There two types of flamingos, the lesser flamingo, distinguished by its deep red carmine bill and pink plumage its bill is black tip. The Lake is recognized and pictured during documentaries since they are big in number which has led to the increase of tourism in the area.

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