Jinja, is a lonely planet of adventure in Uganda .Jinja city is one if the biggest in the eastern region. It’s the best growing economical industry and the second largest city in Uganda.

 Jinja city is an adventure abound. With a number of activities for the adventures at heart, the activities below are few but will help to give you an idea about Jinja city.

Jinja city is a hoe to the River Nile, the longest River in the world and flows to Egypt. Jinja sits on the shores of Lake Victoria which makes it the second economic city in Uganda and also because of the first and largest Hydro Electric power station at Owen falls dam has led to the foundation and establishment of many industries.

Visiting the source of the Nile, the second longest river in the world, it is one of the first things European explorer discovered.

Bujagali falls. The falls are located within a distance of 10 kilometers fro Jinja town. The sceneries are amazing with great activities with great potential for both international tourists and local tourists. The falls offer chances of birding.


Jinja is a tourist hub where tourists feel unique between the two great water bodies lake Victoria and River Nile with any different features such as the Owen falls dam, Bujagali falls, Sezibwa falls, Itanda falls, Kalagala falls and many more.

 There many activities in Jinja like Boat cruise, fishing, cycling, Bungee jumping, hiking, community tours and any more.


There are a number of accommodations in Jinja ranging in budget, midrange and luxury with different options.

Paradise Hotel

Sun set Hotel

Source of the Nile Hotel

Crested crane Hotel

2 friends’ hotel

Nile resort hotel

Sunset Hotel.

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