Murchison River lodge is located on the southern bank of River Nile and overlooks the Murchison falls National Park with great chances of spotting the Hippos, papyrus islands.

The lodge offers surroundings with comfortable camping tents setup for campsite. The lodge has a fire pit for those who prefer self campsite.

The lodge is located in Murchison falls National Park one of the largest national park in Uganda. Staying at the lodge gives you a chance to take part in the activities such as game drives, boat rides, birding,

The lodge is located in an amazing beautiful area in the wilderness, offering   great nature, nice food, with great eco-friendly accommodation which gives you a reason to stay. Murchison River lodge offers a midrange accommodation for couples, families, individuals.

The lodge has a number of facilities


The restaurant is built in a grass thatched roofing, with a bar and a terrace where one has an opportunity to view the River Nile and the Murchison falls National park which is breathtaking, the views offer one with chances of spotting the elephants, bushbucks and hippos.

Swimming pool

The swimming pool is the most careful built setting with views   of the River Nile, through the terraces with sun built so far.

Gift shop

The gift shop is located in the lodge, near the car park and serve based on a daily bases. Buy some African crafts are sold at the gift shop of the lodge. The crafts have been made I Uganda and purchased in Uganda such as wooden mobiles, bicycles and many more.



The lodge has amazing accommodations, beautiful cottages for a sleep over. With a private balcony and bathrooms.

Grass thatched cottages

A grass thatched cottages are comfortable and attractive making them look unique and comfortable to stay in on your safari. The cottages are open with double beds, amazing floors, single beds, with suite, down suite.

The Lodge has a number of activities


The lodge has a number of 5 comfortable camping tents on the ground level which is away from the River. The tents are located in the bush with self contained guests


The lodge owns a campsite and one travelling with their own equipment, the campsite is available for you. The campsite is away from the River in a large bush with plenty of trees and car parking areas.

Paraa Ferry Vehicle

The lodge is 20 minutes away from Paraa ferry crossing. The ferry crosses between the south and north bank of the River where the game drives are mostly done.

Game drives

While living at the lodge during your safari holiday, you will have an opportunity of a game drive in a home of Africa, to view the wildlife including the Buffaloes, Giraffe, Elephants, Buffaloes, leopards, Antelopes watch them as they graze close to the Delta.

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