Uganda is one of the countries with a big number of Antelopes, they are distributed across all the 10 national parks in Uganda, However there different types of antelopes found in game reserve and parks which you  can encounter on your safari. Antelopes live in Savannah plains on the East and southern part of Africa. The regions where Antelopes of Uganda inhabit are buses, semi-arid, woodlands, they normal keep away from swampy areas, and the forested areas are pure desert regions.

Most of the Antelopes are found in   East Africa in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Burundi, Zimbabwe and other countries with in the African region but particularly in Uganda’s most national park, a number of them are fund in Lake Mburo National Park, Kidepo valley National Park, Queen Elizabeth National park, Semiliki National park Murchison falls national park and many more reserves.


Antelopes are herbivores animals, which feed on grass they normally graze, Antelopes graze like cattle and prefer succulent leaves, they eat flowers on which they get during the rainy season but also eat low quality plants, tubers, seeds, little trees and shrubs.

Antelopes do not have specific mating period, it’s anytime throughout the year. As long as they have reached maturity.

Antelopes   have a gestation period of 7-9months at the end they will give birth to a single calf at a time unless in un usual circumstances just as humans.

Antelopes are seen in groups of 500 members but those of the same antelopes, the group includes mothers, infant and males this is all for the purposes of protection. However after a period of time the males split into smaller group, and sometimes wonder off alone or mix up with other antelopes.

They communicate using different vocalization and gestures especially when their in danger. In case of a predator they will alert the whole herd .A herd is a group of Antelopes. The predators include animals like spotted hyenas    , wild dogs, cheetahs and many more to sight. The offspring are vulnerable, compared to species

Male Antelopes are larger than the females   and they weigh more than them. There about 29 different types of antelopes they include Kobs , Elands, Jacksons hart beast, Greater Kuddu, waterbuck and many more. The largest measure up to 180cm at shoulder, the large species o antelopes have along elegant spiral horns and white side stripes, unusual   flat-faced creature   especially the Jacksons hartebeest which can only be found in Uganda, the waterbuck is often fond near rivers and lakes.

The other large species include the great Kudu, this has a long, elegant spiral horns and white side stripes, Jacksons hartebeest , flat-faced creature  that is found in Uganda, and the shaggy waterbuck, which is often found near rivers and lakes.

The sitatunga  is  a rarely semi aquatic antelope, whose splayed hooves are adapted for life in the papyrus swamps, they are much more common in grant gazelle, they live in herds of hundreds of individual, the pretty Uganda Kob-National antelope.

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