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 Lake Victoria has different names in local languages, these include Nalubale in Uganda, Lolwe in Luo, Nyanzi in Kinyarwanda, and Lake Victoria is one of African Great lakes. The lake was named after Queen Victoria by John Hanning Speke. John Speke accomplished in 1858, while Richard Francis Burton located the source of the Nile River.

The surface area of Lake Victoria is approximately 68,800 square kilometers. Lake Victoria is the largest lake in East Africa, second world’s fresh water lake in the world after Lake Superior in North America and largest Tropical Lake. In terms of Volume, Lake Victoria is the ninth largest lake, containing 2,750 cubic kilometers of water.

Lake Victoria receives its water source from rainfall and thousands of small streams .Akagera River is one of the largest Rivers flowing into Lake Victoria; the mouth of the lake is in the western shores. Lake Victoria is drained by Nile River near Jinja, Uganda, which is found on the shores of the lake.

Lake Victoria occupies a shallow depression in Africa. The lake has a maximum depeth of 84 meters and an average depth of 440 meters. Its areas of catchment area cover 184,000 square kilometers.

 The lake has a shoreline of 7,142kilometrs,the islands on the lake constitute 3.7% of this length ,lake Victoria is divided into three countries of East Africa these include Uganda with 45% of 31,000 square kilometers, Kenya 6% of 4,100 and Tanzania with 49% of 33,700 square kilometers.

Geologically, Lake Victoria is relatively young, which is about 400,000years old, its formed when westward flowing rivers were dammed by an up thrown crustal block. During its geological history, Lake Victoria went through changes of ranging from present shallow depression, through a series of smaller lakes.

Geological cores, this has taken the bottom of Lake Victoria and this has dried up completely three times since it was formed.

The dry cycles of the lake are related  to past ice ages, which were declined globally, lake Victoria has dried up about 17,300 years ago and it later o refilled 14,700 years ago.

Lake Victoria  receives about 80% if its water from direct rainfall, the average evaporation on the lake is between 2.0 and 2.2 per year, that almost doubles the riparian areas in the Kenya  rivers which include Nzoia, Sio, Yala, Mogusi, Nyanda, sondu  Miru and Migori, the rivers mentioned contribute more of the water into the lake than the Akagera River.

The outflow from Lake Victoria is the Nile River, the Nile exits the lake near Jinja, Lake Victoria of Uganda, is the source of water to the branch of the Nile. However, River Kagera is considered the source of the Nile.

The uppermost section of the Nile is called the Victoria Nile until when it flows and reaches Lake Albert. Although its part of the same River system called the White Nile that is occasionally referred, the name has meaning until after river Nile crosses the border of south Sudan to the North.

The outflow for Lake Victoria is at Jinja district the second busiest town in Uganda after Kampala, where it forms the Victoria Nile.

The water started flowing in at least 12,000 years ago that drained across a natural rock weir. In 1952 the engineers acting for the British government of Uganda started as a reservoir and replaced it with artificial barrage to control the level of the water and reduce the gradual erosion of the rock. A standard for mimicking the agreed curve was established, and this setting the maximum flow rate at 300 to 1,700 cubic per second depending on the lakes level.

In 2002, Uganda completed a second hydroelectric complex area the Kiira Hydroelectric power station. By 2006, the water levels reached an 80 year low, Kenya, calculated that Uganda was releasing twice as much water allowed under agreement; this was responsible for the recent drops in the lake.


Lake Victoria ferries have an important means of transport between Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. The main ports on the lake are Mwanza, Kisumu, Bukoba, Entebbe, Port Bell, and Jinja. In 1963 when Kenya got its independence, that’s when the newest and fastest ferry was designated at Royal mail ship.

 In 1966, there was establishment with introduction of MV Uhuru and MV Umoja there train ferries where between Keya and Tanzania. In 1996 on 21 of May MV Bukoba sank and this led to the loss of 800-1000 people, this made it one of Africa’s worst maritime disasters.

History and explore,

The first recorded information about Lake Victoria comes from the Arab Traders playing an inland route which were used to search for Gold, ivory; others were commodities, and slaves.

The lake was first sighted by a European in 1858, when the British explorer john Hanning Speke reached its southern shore while on his journey with Richard Francis Burton, to explore central Africa and locate the Great lakes, He said he believed he found the source of the Nile for the past time, Speke named the lake after Queen Victoria.

There was an argument when Burton was recovering from an illness at the time of discovery, he was resting further south on the shores of the Lake Tanganyika. The   argument occurred that Speke claimed to have proved the discovery of the true source of River Nile, which Burton regarded as unsettled. 


Lake Victoria is mainly due to the discharge of raw sewage into the lake, dumping of domestic and industrial waste, chemicals and fertile from the Farms. Lake Victoria has many major centers of population. Its shores in particular and surrounding areas that include Kisumu,Kisi and Homa Bay in Kenya, Kampala, Jinja, and Entebbe in Uganda, Tanzania Bukoba Mwanza and Musoma. The cities/towns mentioned have many factories that discharge chemicals directly into the lake.

Activities at Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is an exciting lake, with both Nile perch and Tilapia and can be caught. We have a number of fish such as the Nile perch, Tilapia there fishing boats, The Nile perch is the of the lake fish. It’s big and can grow about 1.8meters long and weighs 140 kilograms. Fish of 5 to 15 kilos are caught and eaten deliciously.

Culture walks

Take a culture walk away from home and learn different lifestyle of people who live near the water bodies and the largest lake in the world. Sample the unique culture of people and their everyday activities such as fishing, farming, trading different types of fish species including the most trading fish the Nile perch and Tilapia. Visit the villages near the water bodies, and many more to encounter on the life time safari.

Bird watching

There different bird species around Lake Victoria over 350 birds and for those of bird lovers this is the best opportunity to spot out a number of bird species.

The birding trips can take place either on foot or taking a boat ride which can be still organize by Dina Tours and Travel. Including a well informed guide who will give you full information about different bird species living near Lake Victoria. There majestic fish gels nesting in the giant fig trees along the lake shores.

Ngamba Island

Ngamba Island is an orphanage center for 49 chimpanzees. It’s located on 100 acres of island. Ngamba Island is commonly referred to as a chimpanzee’s island or sanctuary. The island can be reached on by a boat and a well informed guide.

Wildlife education center

The Uganda wildlife education center is rehabilitation for wild animals and domestic that wouldn’t survive in the wild. there a number of animals such as lions,leopards,girffaers,hynes,baboons,monkeys,chimpanzess,zebras,elpehats,chimpanzees,

Botanical gardens

Botanical gardens can be visited in Entebbe ,these gardens are believed to have original of Tarzan movie its one of the greatest places to spend a half or full day ,there any species of trees, flowers, plants, birds, monkeys, and much more to encounter on your safari holiday. The best times to encounter with in the gardens.  The best times are during the week hours.

Lake Victoria beaches

Entebbe beaches are many in number although swimming is not acceptable, there great places to relax and enjoy the sunset along the beaches along Lake Victoria and different islands. Uganda has sandy beaches where one can play, relaxe, enjoy dinner, have lunch at different restaurants. Beaches include imperial resort beach, spinnah beach, aero beach, imperial Resort beaches, Botanical garden beach, Nabinyonya beach, Lutembe Beach, Bulago Island, Ssese gateway beach, Bulago island beach, Ssese island beach, Anderita beach, lido beach and many more.


Lake Victoria has a total number of 84 Tropical islands with sandy beaches, Fishing grounds for Nile perch, sailing, boating, quad biking, hiking, horseback riding, birding these are all secret Tropical islands. The islands are good packages for Tourists, and it takes a boat, ferry ride to get to the islands. The trip is worth Uganda’s activities in the sun and on the equator.

There a number of islands on lake Victoria in all countries sharing the lake, these include Mabamba island, Ngamba island, sesse island, Bugala island, Koome island, Mihingo island, Buvuma island, Rusinga island, Ukara island, Ukerwa island, Bubembe island, Damba island, pyramid island, Bugala island, Bulingugwe island, Nabuyango island.

 Visit the islands and get an opportunity to visit the local fishing villages ,learn a different culture away from home, go for a boat ride, paddling on the lake with a trained guide or yourself, motor boat, carry out fishing on the lake, there different types of fish including  Nile perch, Tilapia and many more fruits on the islands include pineapple, jackfruit, watermelons, Mangoes, papayas, guavas, ,they have a nature taste flavor, great sweetness that’s not found elsewhere but only in Uganda the pearl of Africa.

Uganda has a total number of 1,200 kilometers from the India Ocean and this makes it a lonely planet, Lake Victoria’s island is on the list of the top hidden islands in the world.

 The ssese islands on Lake Victoria, the lake has different golden beaches, whispering palm trees, birds, wildlife, forests, culture these are some of the reasons where Uganda is regarded as the best lonely planet with the world’s best hidden islands.

Other activities on Lake Victoria include fishing, birding, chimpanzee encounter, relaxation, sightseeing, nature walk, primate walk, nature experience at the largest lake in the world and second freshest lake on the world cotenant.

Note: The water of Lake Victoria is not advisable to swim in

Tips on visiting the islands put in mind the Ugandan slogan ABC that states Abstain, be faithful and use condom. The HIV/AIDS infection is on a higher rate in these areas of islands than in cities or other towns. As you travel to the islands use a life jacket.

Weekends and holidays a lot of people flock on the islands in big numbers and makes they are to be noisy, a number of Ugandans tend to party a lot on weekends and holidays.


The lake is found 39 kilometers away from Kampala the capital city of Uganda, it can be accessed by roads transport, its located near the civil aviation offices in Entebbe and Entebbe airport


There  a number of hotels near lake Victoria for accommodation as you feel the  whispers of the waters .The hotels include, imperial royal hotel, lake Victoria serene, Laico lake Victoria hotel, protea hotel, encounter safaris, lake Victoria serene hotel,

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