Kibale safari lodge is located in Kibale National park, where the chimpanzees are located, its Uganda’s National park inhabiting chimpanzees in Uganda. The chimpanzees are the human cousins that share 98% with human’s beings. The inhabit in the mountain forest of Kibale National park, and one of the lodges in the regions of Kibale National park is Kibale safari lodge.

The lodge is located in the outcastes of the forest.

Kibale safari lodge is a luxurious lodge in the wilderness. The lodge is located in Kanyanchu on the way to Bigadi village, Kibale National park forest and Rwenzori Mountains. Kibale safari lodge is one of the comforts money can’t buy, the lodge blends into natural surroundings, to enable visitors and Tourists to feel the wild.

The environment is a must visit, with its well built hill overlooking Kibale forest and Rwenzori mountains.


Kibale safari lodge offers 2 rooms on the main building and 5 luxury cottages with private toilets and showers. The rooms are furnished, with perfect settings for relaxation, veranda where one has a great opportunity to watch a number of wildlife and primates jumping from tree to tree.


The lodge is surrounded with natural to enable visitors feel the wild near them.

The lodge welcomes you with breathtaking scenery of the park and the great soothing cool breath.

The lodge has a restaurant that offers excellent cuisine both local and international, and a full stocked bar located above the plateau.

The lodge offers a camp fire, as tourists listen to different animals and sounds of birds from the forest.

The dinning

The lodge offers excellent standards of cuisine, food.

The bar

The bar is well stocked and is overlooking the forest to suit your highest expectation.

Environment and attractions.

The place is a must visit, with the famous chimpanzees visit, and well built overlooking the Kibale forest and Rwenzori mountains.

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