Karuma Falls is found on Gulu Highway, just immediately the south of where the highway crosses the River Nile. Karuma falls is approximately 97 kilometers by road, northeast of Masindi and about 77 kilometers by road, south of Gulu the largest city in Northern Uganda. Karuma falls is located at Karuma power station, the largest hydropower that is projected in Uganda with a planned capacity of 600 megawatts.

Karuma falls is one of the best tourists’ attractions, sightseeing, rock climbing, forest walk, bird watching, animal viewing and many more.

The Karuma Hydroelectric power station has about 600 megwatts, hydroelectric power which is under construction in Uganda, it will be one of the largest power generated in the country.

The power station is located at Karuma falls on the Victoria Nile, at the present location of the Karuma falls.


Back then the government of Uganda planned to construct, hydro power station at the site of the Karuma falls.

The government of Uganda is planning to construct a hydropower station at the site of the Karuma.

In 1995, the government of Uganda had a plan to construct a hydropower station at the site of the Karuma falls. The Norwegian energy company was awarded the contract to perform the feasibility study and environmental impact assessment for the dam.

The World Bank promised to make a loan available to pay for the construction. The plan was built on a 200-250 megawatt power station.

The power generated will be transmitted via high voltage wires to three substations as follows. A 264 Kilometers 440 kilovolt line to Kawanda substation in Wakiso District 80 kilometres, 132 Kilovolt line to Lira and 60 Kilometers, 440 Kilovolt line to substation in Olwiyo, Nwoya District.

The construction of work started on Gulu Highway near Karuma dam. The Karuma construction of the dam and power station officially started on the 12 August 2013.The peak of construction is expected that the total of 2,500 casual and permanent workers will be hired. The power station will be commissioned in 2018.

It was estimated that about 1,000 Chinese nationals and about 5,000 Ugandans were working at the power station.

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