1 day city tour

1 day city tour with Dina tours and travel gives you an opportunity to take you through Kampala the capital city of Uganda.one of the largest and biggest town in the East Africa’s region. The trip offers you to see the highlights of Uganda .with glimpse of Uganda’sculture, businesscenters, market areas,administration building,religious centers, transportation,and general infrastructure of hotels, academiccenter, and religious,economic of Africa.

The city is found in the central region 40km away from the international airport of Uganda.it has improved on its infrastructure compared before the regime of the ruling president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, although it still has a lot going on to make it a better city because of its location near the shores of lake Victoria with over 1.2million people, who are happy and welcoming, making the country a number one stay in the world. Not forgetting Uganda is the pearly of Africa

Highlights of tour

Business center

 Traditional tours,

 Culture sites,

 Religious structures.

Political administration

Detailed Itinerary: wake up early morning for a heavy breakfast our guide will pick you up from your area of residence or hotel and brief you through the whole itinerary.There after set off for your journey to the city that never sleeps and encounter with a number of visits.

Head the city center to interact with the local people, shopping malls, and the Uganda parliament thatgovernance the government. Our guide will give you full information of how the Republican of Uganda gained its independence, visit the restaurants, forexbureaus as you go through the market areas.

Kisenyi slum area, visit the slum area, which is located in the city and accommodates the local people.visit their working place as well as area of residence,  listen to their stories of how they came to live in the slum, there varies places to visit including the shops,blacksmith, fruits vendors,furniture. The slum will help you understand the life of how the people in slums live.

Market, visit the Owino market,the first and biggest market in Uganda giving to over 4,000 vendors an opportunity to work. Its the biggest market selling the second hand cloths at affordable price not forgetting   Nakasero market where local and fresh food plus vegetables are sold, this will give you an opportunity on how the local people support their day to day life such as the widow,sick, disabled, orphanages and many more.

Visit the close taxi park, the park accommodates min buses, taxi vans which transports people from their area of residence to work their place. It’s a gathering park people rush during the morning, evening hours and through out the day as driverskeep calling them out to the taxi of their destination. Thebusiest hours are during office closinghours, schools and all business centers. Enjoy an amazingexperience seeing drivers enjoy their day in the taxi park.

Gaddafi mosque: one of the biggest mosque in Uganda which was built by colonel Mummer Gadhafi the former president of Libya, as a gift to the Uganda Muslimsduring visit to Uganda, itis inside the mosque where you  learn about the Muslim culture how their conducted, how they dress covering their wrist ankles covering their heads. The mosque accommodates the mosque accommodates over 15,000 people.

Namirembe cathedral .visit the cathedral the first Anglican church in Uganda to be built and the biggest in East Africa accommodating over 10,000 people.

Rubaga cathedral. Visit the oldest Catholic Church located on Rubaga hill which is over looking the capital city of Uganda.

Kabaka’s palace (bulange) visit one of the parliament of Buganda and the first parliament in east Africa. Wheremembers sit and discuss the matters of the Buganda kingdom one of the culture and trip In Uganda. Look at the traditional architecture in the palace, thetorture chambers of Amin Dada.

Kabaka’s Lake, its one of the biggest manmade lake which was constructed by 52 clans of Buganda it was used as a travelling channel to LakeVictoria, to go fishing and swimming the place is also a viewing round for birds.

Kasubi tombs,visit the kasubi tombs  a burial ground for the legendry kings of Buganda .its built with grass and its one of the largest grass thatched structure in the world .visit the tombs ,political site of the Baganda people .its a tomb where the 5 tombs of kings are found.

Uganda Museum, visit the Uganda museum a historical natural ethnological site, which exhibits and displays the traditional life, arts and cultural villages  from every tribe of Uganda learn and enjoy an ancient life and experience at the museum.as well as you might buy some crafts for yourself as tour the area.

Bahia temple, is the only temple in Uganda which believes in uniting all human races in one region have an encounter in the environment which s full of beautiful spot, with colorful birds and over 50 species of small creatures such as squirrels. Take some pictures for your memory.

Namugongo Uganda martyrs, visit the shrines where the Uganda martyrs are remembered for their brutal death by the Kabaka of Buganda who killed them because of their faith .the shrine are constructed in a traditional hurt called “akasisira” it sits on 22 pillars which represent the 22 martyrs who were killed.

Meal plan half board

Dinner and over night at Hotel Africana, Serena hotel or any desired hotel depending your tour budget.

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