Gorilla tracking in Rwanda is done in volcanoes national park. A visit to the volcanoes national park is a life changing adventure; the park is found in the northern part of Rwanda on 162sqkm in the Virunga national park of Congo and Mgahinga national park of Uganda.

The park is located near the areas of Karisimbi,Mikeno, and Visoke volcanoes which were funded  to protect the mountain Gorillas that were facing extinction as a result of poaching.

 The park was extended to Congo and was named Albert national park in 1929, however during 1960 the park was divided as Congo and Rwanda by the end of the decade the park was almost half of the original size.

There very few mountain Gorillas left in the world they inhabit in three countries, Uganda,Rwanda and Democratic Republican of Congo.

 In Rwanda there only found in the volcanoes national park, which is one of the parks the mountain Gorillas are inhabiting .During the trek you will be accompanied by the guide and ranger to experience an amazing encounter in the wild with the wild apes which are going extinct.

 Although the government has put more effort to protect them and the former researcher Dian fossy who was doing her research on mountain Gorillas and to protect them from going extinct.

The park has 10 habituated mountain Gorillas, these are apes that are already trained to be close to human beings.

The trek takes approximately 2 hours from Kigali National there after drive to the headquarters where you will have a short briefing about Gorilla trekking, which takes approximately 30 minutes -4 hours to locate the mountain Gorilla, remember these are endangered species which keep moving.


During the trekking you might have an opportunity to spot a number of primates including golden monkeys, spotted Hyena, Buffaloes, black-fronted duiker, and bushbuck.

 Bird species includes 29 endemics to Rwenzori Mountains and the Virungas. When you encounter with the mountain Gorillas your given approximately   one hour with the wild apes to view them as they eat,play,display their nests and many more.

 It’s such a beautiful encounter in the wild with a face to face experience .after return to the lodge with many memories of the wild.

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