Murchison Fall National Park, locally known as Kabalega National Park is Uganda’s largest national park. It measures approximately 3,893 square kilometer. The park is bisected the Victoria Nile from east to west. Murchison is located 305 kilometer north of Kampala in Masindi District and can be accessed by road or flights. Getting to Murchison Falls National Park is easy and affordable as one can decide to travel by bus and spend about 3hours from Kampala. Other travelers decide to fly from Entebbe Kajjansi airport to the Chobe airstrip which is the quickest means of transport to the park. It was originally known as the Murchison Falls Conservation Area since it was made up of  Bugungu Wildlife Reserve and Karuma Wildlife Reserve.

Murchison Falls National is in the north-western Uganda, spreading inland from the shores of Lake Albert, around the Victoria Nile, up to KAruma falls. The park takes part of the Ugandan Districts of Bulisa, Nwoya, Kiryandongo, and Masindi.

The Murchison terrain is bisected by a steep escarpment that drops down from the bunyoro plateau to Lake Albert and Albertine Rift valley. Within the park, the plateau is vegetated by woodland and tropical forest while the hot rift valley plains are covered by savannah and bush. Beyond the Nile, the landscape is flat and increasingly dry.

The park has 76 species of mammals as well as Uganda’s largest population of Nile crocodiles, 450 bird species are present ranging from easy variety of water birds, including the shoe billed stork, dwarf kingfisher, Goliath heron, White-thighed hornbill and great blue turaco.

Regular visitors at the river banks include elephants, giraffes and buffaloes, while hippos, Nile crocodiles and aquatic birds are permanent residents. Common activities include; wildlife viewing safaris/game viewing, launch trips to the bottom of the falls and hikes to the top (Devil’s Cauldron), birding and nature walks. For those that want an aerial viewing experience, hot air ballooning activities are available within the park. The vegetation of Murchison Falls National Park is made up of Savannah, Riverine forest and woodland. Some of the wildlife includes kobs, elephants, Rothschild giraffes, hartebeests, oribis, leopards, lions among others. This safari park is an all year wildlife destination but can best be visited on Uganda safari during the months of June to late September or January to mid-march.

When it comes to accommodation, Murchison Falls National Park might have the best tour facilities in terms of lodges. The park provides a wide range of accommodation for the best Uganda safari/ Uganda tours ranging from budget lodges like Yebo Safari Camp, Budongo Eco Lodge, Boomu Women’s Group Bandas, Parkside Safari Lodge among others, mid-range lodges Murchison River Lodge, Fort Murchison Safari Lodge, Pakuba Safari Lodge, Kabalega Wilderness Lodge among others and luxurious lodges like Chobe Safari Lodge, Nile Safari Lodge, Paraa Safari Lodge and Bakers Lodge

Activities at the park and Attractions.

Game drive                                        

Enjoy a game drive with our guide and the Uganda wildlife Authority game ranger with the two informed guide you will not miss the wildlife Reserve. There many Rothschild Giraffes, lions, Buffaloes, Elephants, leopards, hippos, crocodiles, warthogs, savanna birds and many more. The game drive takes about 3hours with great views of wildlife.

Launch Trips.

There are two boat cruises on the Nile Murchison falls national park, there is a boat up stream which takes you to the top of the falls which takes you to the far north, a journey that takes one to the longest river in the world stretching to the shores of Lake Albert.

 Visit the beautiful falls with great views of the falls, and soothing sounds. The boat launch gives you an opportunity to view the hippos, Nile crocodiles, elephants, waterbucks, buffaloes, kobs, giraffe which tend to gather on the banks of the river drinking water.

There many birds species including shoe billed stork, goliath heron, African fish eagle, African jacana, saddle billed stork, African skimmer the experience is a memorable safari in a life time.


Birding is one of the memorable activities which gives you an opportunity to view a number of birds giving you an adventure during a dame drive and a boat cruise.

The birds are encountered in the savanna landscape, waterlogged environments, and forest landscape. Some of the bird species include the shoe billed stork, grey crowned crane, black headed lapwing, white headed vulture, Senegal thick-knee and many more.

Chimpanzee trekking.

The adjacent Budongo forest is an excellent area for chimpanzee trekking. During the safari, do an all day chimpanzee habituation experience, as one hikes through a nature walk as you trail through the Budongo forest. Have a face to face encounter with the human cousin of man.

Top of the falls.

Travelers at Murchison falls have an opportunity to explore the top of the falls. Hike to the top of the falls, get off the boat cruise and have a 45minute walk to the falls to enjoy a beautiful view of the falls as they forge through hard rocks cruising and roaring sound.

Culture encounter.

There very many culture encounters from different tribes surrounding the falls including the Banyoro in the south, Acholi in the northeast ,Alur in the north west all the tribes have a culture back ground to entertain the travelers. The Boomu women’s group presents an encounter to explore the heritage of Bunyoro culture and their everyday life style. There different encounters including craft making, black smith of food preparation, dances and many more.


There many accommodations/lodges inside and outside the park ranging from budget, midrange and Luxury. Chose the best lodge which fits your travel budget to stay in, these include para safari lodge, red chill rest camp, Nile safari lodge, sembiyi safari lodge and many more.

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