Uganda is the official Republican of Uganda; it’s a landlocked country in East Africa. The   country is bordered to the East by Kenya, north by south Sudan, southwest to Rwanda, west part by Democratic Republican of the Congo, and south by Tanzania. The country includes Lake Victoria the second largest in the world, and the lake is shared by Tanzania and Kenya. Uganda is located in the African Great lake regions .Uganda as a country lies within the Nile Basin, with a modified equatorial climate.

The country is located in the East African plateau, lying between the altitude of 40 N and 2 0 S, and longitude 290 W and 35 0 E, it averages about 1,100meters above sea level, it slopes very steadily downwards to the Sudanese plain to the north.

Motto for God and my country

The National bird is the crested crane

The name Uganda is derive d from Buganda kingdom, which settlers portion of the south of the country, such as the capital city of Uganda (Kampala)

The people of Uganda were hunter gathers until 1,700 to 2300 years ago. When the Bantu people migrated to the southern parts of the country.

In 1894, the whole area was protected and ruled by the British, who were able to establish administrative law across the territory. Uganda gained independent from the British on 9th October 1962.The period since then has been marked by intermittent conflicts, including lengthy civil war against the Lords, Resistance Army in the Northern Region of Uganda, which caused   hundreds of thousands casualties.

The official languages in Uganda are English, Kiswahili, although other languages can be used as a medium of instruction in schools or educational institutions and legislative, administrative or judicial purposes as prescribed by law. Luganda, a central language, is also widely spoken across the country, and other several languages are spoken including Runyakole, Runyoro, Rukiga and Lou.

The president of Uganda is Yoweri Museveni   Kaguta who has been in power since 1986 after 6years of war.

The ancestors of Uganda were hunters and food gatherers until in the years of 1,700-2,300 years ago. Bantu speaking people, who were from the central part of Africa, migrated to the southern parts of Uganda.

According to oral traditional, the Empire of Kitara, that covers the parts of great lakes area from the northern lakes of Albert and Kyoga to the southern lakes Victoria and Tanganyika. Bunyoro-Kitara is claimed as the antecedent of Buganda, Ankole, Toro and Busoga kingdoms.

Some Lou invaded the area of Bunyoro and assimulated with the Bantu speaking people; they established the Babito dynasty of the current Omukama the king of Bunyoro Kitara.

Arab traders moved inland from Indian Ocean coast of East Africa.

Uganda is a country of happy people who are welcoming. It’s one of the five countries in the world, recognized for the good upbringing of children.



Uganda gained the independence from the Britain on 9th October in 1962 as a common wealth with Queen Elizabeth 11 as the head of state. In October 1963, Uganda became a Republic although it maintained its membership in Commonwealth of Nations.

The first post-independence election ,was held I 1962,when there was an alliance between the Uganda people’s congress(UPC) and Kabaka Yekka(KY).KY and UPC formed the first post-independence government with Dr Milton Obote as the executive prime minister, with the Buganda Kabaka(king0Edward Muteesa 11 holding the ceremonial position of president.

The south part of the country is heavily influenced by the second largest lake in the world after Amazon, Lake Victoria, which contains many islands. The most important cities are located in the south, near this lake such as the capital city of Uganda Kampala, Jinja town, and Entebbe town.

Lake Kyoga. Is found in the center of the country and it’s surrounded by extensive, arshy areas. Although the landlocked country Uganda contains many large lakes .Besides Lake Victoria and Kyoga, there are Lake Albert, Lake Edward and Lake George.

Uganda lies within the Nile basin. The Victoria Nile drains from Lake Victoria into Lake Kyoga and it flows into Lake Albert on the Congolese border. The water runs northwards into south Sudan. One of the areas in the East is drained by Suam River, which is part of the internal drainage basin of Lake Turkana. The north-eastern part of Uganda drains into Lotikipi Basin which is primarily located in Kenya.

The president of Uganda is both head and state head of government. The president always appoints a vice-president and a prime minister to aid him during governance.

The parliament of Uganda is formed by the National Assembly, with about 449mbemebeers.these members include 290 constituency representatives, 116 women representing districts,10 represnttit9ves of the Uganda.

People Defense Forces, 5 representatives of the youth, 5 representatives of disabilities persons,5 representing the workers and 18 official members. 

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