Mountain Gorillas trekking , are critically, intelligent, giant endangered wild apes. They share 98% DNA with human beings and they can only survive in the forest. Which means their rare and can only be found in three countries of Africa such as Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic Republican of Congo.

In Uganda, they inhabit in two National parks, Bwindi impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National park located in the southwestern part of Uganda.

Bwindi forest protects to over 400 mountain Gorillas left in the wild and the park is most famous for the endangered mountain Gorillas.

 The park has four sectors such as Nkuringo, Ruhija, Buhoma and Rushaga and   provides shelter to the habituated mountain Gorilla families.

The habituated mountain Gorillas are Gorillas which are already trained to live close to human beings with no signs of danger.


Early morning wake up, the guide will be able to drive you to the park headquarters on time for a short briefing about Gorilla trekking, there after meet the ranger and guide who will accompany you in the thick Bamboo rain forest of Bwindi.

The trekking takes approximant 30 minutes to 6 hours in the wild. As you trek, one has many chances of spotting a number of bird species for bird lovers you will love this encounter, tree species, primates, mammals and many more.

When you encounter  with the mountain Gorillas you will be allowed to spend one hour with the Mountain Gorillas as they carry out your day to day activities such displaying their nests for nigh use, feeding ,grooming each other, playing and many more its such a beautiful experience in the jungle with the human like.

Trekking through the forest is more favorable during the high seasons in the months of June- September, December-February when there is less rain although it’s considered to be a high season with low chances of rain.

Note that Bwindi impenetrable National park is a rainfall forest any time it can rain and the high season Tourist tend to visit in a big number especially in the month of December. Book in advance with Dina Tours and Travel for a maximum experience in the wild.

A Gorilla permit consists $600 during the high season and $450 USD in the lower season the months of October-Nov and March-May this is considered as a lower season although it’s somehow hard to trek in the forest because it’s slippery and very steep.

Other Activities include

Gorilla trekking


Primate walk

Falls and River trails


And many more, to encounter after your amazing experience Return to the lodge for relaxation. The park has a number of accommodations, ranging in Budget, Mid range and Luxury.

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