Tree climbing lions are only found in East Africa, in Uganda their located in Queen Elizabeth National park. Their found in Africa, however in the Ishasha sector where you only find 50 of them. When the sun rises they climb on top of trees in order to escape from the heat or biting tsetse flies.

The ishasha Region, the destination for tree climbing lions is one of the best destinations to spot the rear lions. Lions are not common to be spotted climbing trees, in the whole world there not more than 2 populations of tree climbing lions.

The most populated areas are the Ishasha sector and the other population is found in Lake Manyara National park in the southern part of Tanzania.

As you spot the tree climbing lions you have a chance of viewing other wildlife species in the park such as elephants, warthogs, kobs, impalas, Buffaloes, Antelopes, and many more.

The Tree climbing lions can be mostly spotted by Tourists as they return from their way from national parks such as Bwindi impenetrable for Gorilla trekking, Kibale National park and Mweya area in queen Elizabeth National park.

The Tree climbing lions climb sycamore fig trees, which they climb during the rainy season. The males have a fact on their manes are black.

These jungle animals of Ishasha are not to be missed during your Travel to Queen Elizabeth. The Ishasha sector region is an expert of wildlife for sightseeing the animals for anyone one visiting Africa.

The Tree climbing lions of Ishasha in Queen Elizabeth national park that are not to bee missed. They are rear sites throughout Africa.

The ishasha sector is famously know for the tree climbing lions because of their population and exceptional attraction and this one of the major highlights for most guest why they visit the park. The Tree climbing lion’s lye lazily within the branches of the huge fig trees as they stare closely to kobs grazing in the plains, these are the main prey for the lions.

During the lion trekking process, in case the lions is chase  you, do not chose to climb into the trees as away to escape from because the lions in the park are capable of climbing trees.

Getting to Ishasha sector

To the park, the ishasha sector enjoys the seclusion of Ishasha the home of the tree climbing lions. The direct road to the border of Kenya is full of mud during the rainy season which may seem unbearable .Describe as a seasonal route and the driving transfer requires a 4wd.

The road is being maintained however it takes little rain to destroy the road hence delaying the tracks vie the en-route o Kihihi, Isaka and Rukingiri.

If one is coming from Mweya, you’re recommended to request for a radio massage asking if the trucks are moving from the course of Katunguru. This will help the guide to know the easy accessibility of the moving trucks.

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