Birding in Uganda is one of the countries in the Africa the most attractive for bird watching, Uganda’s species are recorded within its borders, it offers easy access to several bird habitats that are difficult to reach elsewhere.

Uganda is remarkable with diversity of 1,008 bird species that are recorded, the East African savanna, West African rainforest and semi-desert of the north.

The Uganda’s diversity and its variety of habitat, arid semi-dessert, rich savannahs, lowland and Montana rainforests, volcanoes  and Afro-alpine zone. Uganda covers an altitude from 650 to 5000m.

Its only  one bird which is endemic to the country, the ordinary fox’s weaver. However if one takes only East Africa into consideration then approximately 150 bird species and only about 10% of the regional checklist are found only in Uganda. The list of birds include seven of the 20 horn-bill species that are recorded in the region, these are five out of 14 honey guides, five out of 20 bush family as well as 13 members of the thrush family, ten fly catchers, 11 warblers, eight weavers, eight sun birds, four tinker birds, 3 kingfishers, four pigeons, 3sparrow hawks, 3 nightjars, 3 cuckoos.

Most birds are West African and Congolese forest birds that are very difficult to spot just that these other countries are poorly developed for Tourism.

The rain forests of western Uganda must be seen as the country’s most important bird habitat, and that is the greatest interest to birdwatchers, particularly if they are within the typical East Africa birds.

The alluring forests in Uganda are   localized species in Semiliki, Kibale, Budongo, Bwindi forest. However, Kibale is the Uganda’s spot for forest birds and the nearby Magombe swamp. Even the relatively tame botanical gardens in Entebbe this throws up interesting species.

Therefore there is a wide range of birds in Uganda for a tour, visit water and forest birds of  Entebbe, Lake Mburo ,Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth  recorded to over 600 species ,these areas are best in East Africa to see the papyrus shoe-bill stork   and Kidepo .

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